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We provide students with best in class courses all over India and that too with affordable pricing. We also provide financial aid to students who can’t afford to pay.

4 years

Buisness Management

Price: Rs. 23000

Become a manager with the our reputed institute. At 1/5th the cost, earn a high value Management specialisation

3 years

Mathematics Teacher

Price: Rs. 18000

Math teachers create lesson plans to instruct their students in general or specialized subjects within mathematics. 

4 years


Price: Rs. 20000

In this Complete Course Students Will Learn How to Use HTML5 & CSS3 to Build their own Beautiful Professional Websites

4 years

PHP Course

Price: Rs. 30000

Learn Web Development by building 25 websites and mobile apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL & more!

3 years

WordPress Course

Price: Rs. 10000

Master WordPress with this Complete WordPress Course, without learning how to code and without any programming!

4 years

Javascript Course

Price: Rs. 25000

The modern JavaScript course for everyone! Master JavaScript with projects, challenges and theory. Many courses in one!

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